Sitka Gear on the European Outdoor Exhibition IWA

The European outdoor exhibition IWA is open this weekend and many people from the hunting industri is looking at new gear for their stores.

Sitka Gear is for the first time on IWA and it is a huge succes. There have been many interviews and a press release Friday. I am sure that there will be talked a lot about Sitka Gear in Europe in the future.

I am proud to announce that the European website is now ready to give you all the informations you will need.

You can also look at the beautiful 2016 Sitka Gear katalog

I will just give a huge compliment and congratulations to the European distributor Damasec with Dan Hyllested and the Sitka Gear athletes from Always hunting David Cp and Nikolaj Trier, and Michael Canderhed, Sitka Intl. Sales Manager. They have accomplished to bring Sitka Gear to this succes in a short period of time.

You can also follow Sitka gear on facebook:

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